Keep Learning Student Involvement FAQs

What online support services are available for students or student organizations through Student Involvement?

Student Involvement ( is available for consultation with students and organizations through Zoom, phone, or email at

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Organizations transitioning leadership
  • Organizations with events or travel cancelled needing assistance with refunds
  • Individuals with questions about how to connect during a period of on-line activity
  • Individuals desiring a social outlet to reconnect with other distance learners

Consult with Student Involvement as needed. Our staff are available during normal business hours: Monday – Friday, 8 am- 4:30 p.m. You can call  573-341-6771, or email (or the individual with whom you normally work).

How can student organizations engage with their members remotely?

Move your meetings online by utilizing the Zoom platform for all on campus.

  • Zoom is a web-based conferencing platform that is accessible on MacOS, WIndows, iOS, and Android mobile devices. S&T students, faculty, and staff can create virtual meetings that can be joined by anyone in the world with a simple link. Up to 300 people can participate in a Zoom meeting.
    • There is a screen-sharing feature that would allow a powerpoint or documents to be displayed and discussed as well as a recording option if content would like to be recorded in advance and distributed to organization members.
    • Zoom may be helpful for organization meetings, committee meetings, interviews, one on one conversations, and more.
    • Zoom Resources: Zoom One Minute Video Tutorials

Utilize Engage to conduct organization business on-line. Your organization’s Engage page has the capability to manage a great deal of organization business.

  • Elections - The elections organization tool can be used to hold online votes for your organization.
  • News - The news organization tools can be used to share news posts and distribute information to your organization’s members. There is also a discussion feature that could be used to collect feedback or host conversations on specific topics. This may be helpful for creating an online forum for organization business or sharing announcements.
  • Roster Messaging - The organization tool can be used to easily communicate with all the members listed on your organization’s roster. This may be useful for communicating a plan with your organization or sharing relevant announcements.